Turn It Up!

This will be one of the favorite slot games of music lovers with a fun design, featuring instruments and musicians as design elements. There are a total of 5 spinning reels on which you have to spin out the same symbols on 10 paylines in order to win. There are also special options in the game, which for example, will give you free, no-stakes game rounds.



In the Total Bet section, you can specify how much you would like to bet during a single spin. By clicking on the “Up” arrow, you will be able to select an amount from a predefined list. In the pop-up window, you can read a lot about the game, such as the 10 paylines, while the payout table can also be found here. The game sounds can be turned off and for example you can play in Turbo Mode which speeds up the reels and the game time.

Bonus Options

The Bonus symbol has a unique ability: if you collect at least three of them, you can get free spins. There is also an option to increase the payout multiplier, this requires winning combinations during the base game.