Space Wars

Space Wars is a slot machine with 40 lines, where the number of payout lines is fix and cannot be changed. For pay-out you need identic alien symbols on the reels. Beside the basic symbols you have special ones, like Wild, which substitutes everything else.

Space Wars


Before spinning you need to determine the bet, which is the amount of money used in a spin. This is a twostep procedure> you set the Level and the Coin Value. The Level determines the number of coins you place on a winning line. For example> on level one, every line will get a coin. Coin value can be set between 1 cent and 1 dollar. The last thing you need to do is start the as the number of payout lines is fix. You can start the game with the circular arrow in the middle.

Automatic and Max bet

On the right and left of Spin button you have the Max bet and the Automatic game. Max bet will automatically start the game on the highest possible bet, while the automatic mode allows us to set the number of spins we would like to have. You can choose 10 or even 1000 spins.

Space Wars Paylines