Elemental Beasts

The name of the game suggests from the get go the natural elements which appear on the reels. Fire, water and their other siblings are the building blocks of the Elemental Beasts slot game. The symbols appear on five reels, out of which you will have to get the same types by the end of the spin in order to win. If this all comes together, the payout happen according to the payout table.



The chips on the left of the reels allow you to determine your bet, the amount to be deducted from your account in exchange for a single spin. Use the up and down arrows to change your this. The game starts by clicking on the circular arrows located to the right of the reels. There is also an automatic mode in which the game works on its own, spinning automatically, up to a predetermined number of repetitions.

Spin Chance 

The Spin Chance feature gets automatically activated if the balance falls below the current value of the game, if it's still more than zero. This feature provides an opportunity to risk the remaining balance to win additional spins at the current bet value.