Hook’s Heroes

Hook’s Heroes is a cheerful slot machine with funny pirates on the reels. It has 5 reels and 20 payout lines which can be seen on the pictures below. For a win you need to spin identical symbols on one of the payout lines, beginning with the left reel. The excitement and winnings are increased by extra features.

Hooks Heroes


Before spinning you need to change the Coin value and the Level with the help of the arrows. We can bet 20 coins/ level and the number of levels is 10. The minimum value of a coin is 1 cent and the maximum is 2 dollars. Let’s see a simple case: We choose 1 dollar coin value on level 6. We place 120 coins on level 6 because 6*20=120 and this is multiplied with the coin value, which is 1 dollar. So the total bet is 120 dollar.

After setting the bets you need to start the game by clicking on the arrows. You can choose automatic mode where you can set how many spins you want to launch. It can be 10 or even 1000 spins! The Max bet automatically starts the game with the current coin value and the maximum bet possible. You can get information about the extra features by clicking on letter in which is the information section.

Payout lines

Hooks Heroes Paylines