Divine Lotus

A magical fairy tale unfolds before the player, courtesy of Divine Lotus, a 6-reel, 4096 payline slot machine. This beautiful game offers you basic symbols but also special ones with unique properties.



You are able to set the bet by clicking on the chip symbol located under the reels. This action will bring up a list of available bets. From this list, you can choose the sum that is right for you. Think about your bet before playing, because the reels spin quickly, and your balance may decrease in a fast pace. The game starts with the circular arrow button under the reels.

Automatic Spin 

If you are playing in larger amounts or just simply trying to spin a bonus, the automatic game mode might come in handy. As a result, the game will run independently, up to a predetermined number of repetitions, so you don't have to spin the reels manually at the beginning of each round.