Seaside, sandy beach and waving water. The Beach slot machine takes us for a vacation with his visuals and sound effects. You should spin identical symbols on the payout lines. If you succeed, you will get your winning! The extra features of the game assure further excitements.



The number of payout lines is fix so we always play with 20 active lines. We can play on 10 levels. We should know, that we place 20 coins as bet on every level. This means, that a coin is set on every line on each level. You have to set The Coin value before spinning, and the maximum value of it is 2 dollars. A simple example: We set level 2 and 50 cent coin value. In this case the total bet for a spin is 20 dollar. You can start the game with the green button under the reels.

Beach Paylines

Beach Symbol