Big Bang

Big Bang is a game with 25 payout lines where we can spin 5 reels. The goal is to spin identical symbols on one of the payout lines. The pay-out chart becomes more interesting and can be is increased by the special symbols.

Big Bang


The game starts with setting the bet. For this you have to set the coin value and the level. There are 10 levels, and on every level we add one more coin on the lines. The 25 payout lines are fix, so you need to calculate 25 coins for every level. The coin value can be increased up to 1 dollar. Let’s see a simple case: Level 2, 1 dollar coin value. So the total bet for a spin is 50 dollar. You can start the game by spinning the reels with the circular arrows.

Extra pay-outs

The Wild symbol can substitute every symbol and creates winning combinations. On the side we can see a multiplier meter. At the end of every winning combination the multiplier will appear here. The maximum multiplier possible is 32.

Pay-out chart

Big Bang Paylines