Totem Lightning

In the Totem Lightning online slot machine, the goal is to spin out the same symbols on one of the 40 paylines. When this happens, your payout will be based on the payout table, which can actually be several hundred times your bet if you are lucky. In the game, the special symbols increase the level of excitement and your chances to win!



The number of paylines can't be changed, you will always play with a fixed set of 40 active lines. It's up to you to set the bet, and this can be done int he Total Stake section, using the plus and minus buttons. The amount set this way will be the amount risked during a single spin. The game starts with the circular arrow button in the lower right corner.

Automatic Mode 

If you would like to play big or would like to spin out a bonus, the Automatic Mode really comes in handy. This allows the game to run on its own, so you don't have to manually start every single spin. In addition to the number of spins, you can also set a loss limit, which will trigger the end of the spin if needed.