Tower Tumble

In Tower Tumble, the player gets transported into a fairy tale battle world, where symbols fall onto a 6x6 board. The goal is to collect identical symbols on one of the paylines. If this is successful, the winnings will be based on the payout table.



The bet is set in the Bet section, using the plus and minus buttons. You can enter an amount in cents, but you may also use euros. It is a good idea to think about your bet, because the reels do spin fast. There is also an automatic mode, which is the perfect choice for players who enjoy playing for bigger stakes, as well as for the bonus shooters. While using this option, a predetermined number of rotations take place and you don't have to manually start the reels at the beginning of each round.

The letter W symbol

You need three of the same symbols on the paylines in order to win. The payout combination must start from the left reel and must be contiguous. The letter W pays best, out of which if you get six, your winnings will be fifty times the bet.