Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones is an online 5-reel slot game, complete with 20 paylines. These are always fixed, their numbers never change. The world of mystical stones awaits you with great prizes, making this game worth the try!



The number of paylines is always a fixed 20, but it is up to us to determine the value of the coin. You will have to place a coin bet on each payline. For example, if you set a 2-cent coin, the total bet will be 40 cents. The level is also adjustable form 1 to 10, and after setting the bet all that is left there to do is start the game with the button in the middle.

Colossal Symbol

In both the main game and Free Spins, all symbols appear as Colossals, except for the Wild symbol. The Colossal symbol consists of blocks of 2x2 or 3x3. It can appear partially or completely, depending on where and how the reels stop spinning. Any part of the winning bet with this symbol in it will pay according to the payout table.