Elements: The Awakening

The Elements: The Awakening is a game with 5 reels and 20 payout lines where we have to fight the elements. Beside the basic pay-outs, the excitement is increased by extra features. For example the different type of wild symbols which can appear on several reels and act like jokers.

Elements The Awakening


The payout lines are fix, all 20 lines are active. You can check them out in the info section, but they can be seen by taking the mouse on the small grey circles beside the reels. You need to set the Coin value and the Level. On every level we are placing one coin on every line. For example: if we choose level 2 and 1 dollar coin value, then the total bet placed on a spin is 40 dollars. You can start the game by spinning the reels with the circular arrows.

Automatic game and Max bet

The 5 reels of the game can be started in automatic mode. In Automatic game we can set the number of spins beside the value of bet. You have extra options like, which is the value of winning where the automatic spinning of the reels should stop. The Max. bet immediately spins the reels, but proceed with caution because it operates with current coin value, with maximum line number and maximum bet.

Elements The Awakening Paylines