Si Xiang

You can guess from the name that this game evokes Chinese culture. Chinese characters will appear on the reel, and for a win you need to spin identical ones. The payout lines pay in both easy, so the winning combinations can start from left or right.

Si Xiang


The number of payout lines can be changed, there is a total of 9 lines. Besides setting the number of lines, you have to choose the line bet, or the sum placed on a line. The multiplication of this two will give us the total bet, or the sum we are placing on a spin. For example: with 9 active lines and 10 cent line bet, the total bet will be 90 dollars. You can start the game with Spin.

Extra features

If we want to speed up the game and don’t want to see the spin of the reels, then we can use Turbo Mode. There is also Max bet, which will set the highest bet and start the game.

Si Xiang Payout