Mission Cash

You will enter the mysterious world of undercover agents with the Mission Cash slot machine, in which you have to spin the same symbols on 20 bet lines in order to achieve payout. If this happens, your winnings will happen according to the payout table, which can be accessed in the information section.



The amount you would like to risk in a single spin, has to be selected from the bet line under the reels. You can use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet. The game starts by accessing the green circular button below the reels to the right. There is also an automatic mode, allowing the game to run automatically up to a predetermined number of repetitions.

Moving Crosshairs 

During each spin, there is a moving crosshair present. If this stops in a blue or red agent, these will expand and become Wild symbols. This way, the Wild reel becomes fixed, while the other reels offer you re-spins, which can be activated again. This continues until the crosshair stops again on a red or blue agent.