Hong Kong Tower

This slot game, as its name suggests, is built around a business building located in Hong Kong. There are a total of 99 ways of winning, which require collecting the same symbols. The game is filled with special symbols and different, interesting strategies. 



You should start the game with setting the bet, determining this way how much you would like to risk during a single round of play. There are a total of 12 bet levels available in each currency, while the value of a single bet is 100 coins. For players who like to play big, the good news is that you can create a strategy which increases or decreases the bet depending on how the game rounds turn out during each spin. The game starts by clicking on the circular arrow symbol.

Special Symbols

The Mystery Symbol has the ability to change into any other symbol after the reels have stopped. The converted bonus symbol counts as 5 symbols. Three bonuses kick start a game called the Wheels of the sky. 4 bonus symbols equal one more life point, while five of these give you two more lives.