Disco Spins

This game takes us into disco world, where the visuals and the music are from this era. The Disco Spins is a slot machine with 5 reels and 20 payout lines, and the possibility to increase your winnings with extra features.

Disco Spins


The number of payout lines is 20 and it is fix. You cannot change this. You can see these in the Info section or if we take the mouse on the numbers beside the reels. For a win you need to spin identical symbols beginning from the left reel. Before spinning you have to take two steps in order to set the bet. The first step is to set the level of the bet, which will regulate how many coins are placed on the line. Then you need to set the coin value and you are ready to spin. For example: if we choose level 2 and 50 cent coin value, then the total bet for a spin will be 20 dollars.

Special symbols

Scatter symbols can appear along reel number 3, 4 and five. You need minimum three to launch free rounds. There are Wild symbols which can substitute anything except Scatter. There is one more extra feature if these were not enough, and that is Dance Floor Wild.

Disco Spins Payout