Golden Cryptex

You are greeted by an elegant looking slot machine, because the Golden Cryptex game offers you a stylish design with bright accents. Your goal is to collect the same symbols, when this happens, your payout will be based on the payout table. Special symbols increase your chances of winning and you can read more about these in the information section.



To start the reels, you have to click on the yellow circular button, clicking on it will start the game round. The specified amount will be deducted from out accounts, the amount of which is worth to be thought through as the reels spin quickly. There is also an automatic mode available, with a certain number of game rounds going down without your active participation. The game starts with the yellow circular button in the middle.

Second Chance 

If 3 or 4 symbols land in the line indicated by the Golden Pointer, there is a chance for a re-spin in the case of the reel which doesn't contain the code symbol. If the re-spin gets activated with 3 code symbols and a fourth is also displayed, a second re-spin is guaranteed. During the Golden Spins, you will get re-spins in both the case of 3 and 4 symbols.