A Dark Matter

This slot machine takes the player into a dark and crime ridden world, where all sorts of nefarious characters appear on the reels. The same symbols must be collected for one of the 5 paylines, thus achieving payout. There are also special shapes on the reels, which increase your chances of winning due to their unique features.



Next to the reels, on the right side, you will be able to locate the main buttons for controlling the game. A bet selector pops up by clicking on the three lines, alongside with access to even more settings. You will be able to decide how many coins to put on the reels, and also determine the value of the coins. There are also predefined bets to choose from. The game is started by clicking on the circular arrow button.

Scatter Symbol

In addition to the basic symbols, there are also unique shapes in play, such is the Scatter. This may appear on reels tow, three and four. It generates free spins by not charging your account but still offering real winnings during payout.