This slot machine awaits with a sparkling atmosphere, in which the goal is to spin out the same symbols on one of the 20 paylines. If you are lucky, you can win 10.0000 times the bet amount, but for this to happen, you will need 5 wild symbols!



The bet is set in the bet section with the right and left arrows. The amount entered here will be at stake during the spin. The game starts by clicking on the green triangle, while next to this you can find the automatic mode. In the latter game mode, in addition to the number of spins, you are free to set a win and loss limit, which really comes in handy.

Extra Options

There are also two special symbols in the game: Scatter and Wild. The Scatter gives you free spins, while the Wild replaces everything else, also acting as a kind of Joker. It doesn't have the ability to replace the scatter.