Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf is a complex slot machine with no less than 74000 paylines. The visual world reflects the name of the game, with icy reels and wolves making an appearance. The information section helps you out with any questions that may arise while playing.





Next to the reels, to the left, you may observe two chip columns, which can be used to determine the bet. This amount should be well thought out, because this money will be deducted from your account during each round of play. The reels spin fast, so you may run out of money if you don't pay attention to the bet. The game starts by clicking on the circular arrows located to the right.

Ice Wolf Reels 

The Ice Wolf reels are divided into three parts: top, middle and bottom. The top and middle reels get in play when the ice has been removed. The winning symbols eliminate the ice above them to a certain extent. Wins start the re-spin feature and re-spins continue on, until you get no more wins.