Matrjoska dolls appear in the Babushkas slot machine. It is a classical Russian toy, where the wooden, painted dolls are stacked inside of each other. Beside the visuals, the music of the game evokes Russian atmosphere.



On the 5 reels machine, the number of payout lines is fix so we always play with 17 active lines. Setting the bet is the job of the player, which can be done with the label 1 button on the lower, right side of the game. If you click on 1, the possible bets will appear and you can choose. If you are ready, you can spin with the button with a big white circular arrow on it.

Special features

The goal is to spin identical symbols on the payout lines. Beside the common symbols, there are special ones, which increase your winning possibilities. Wild is a doll with W on it and can appear on 3 reels. It replaces everything, so it is like a joker. Beside this, the Wild will start the Bear features, too.

Babushkas Paylines