Royal Mint

There are 117649 paylines in Royal Mint. Have we counted all of them? No, but we do believe this to be true, while the description also informs us that winning combinations have to start from the left reel. In order to win, you must spin out the same symbols on one of the paylines. If this happens, the payout will happen according to the details in the description.



The amount to be risked during a single spin can be set at the Stake section, using the green arrows pointing to the right and left. You can play in the order of cents, by you are able to even bet several euros. It's worth to think about how much you would be willing to bet, because the game rounds are quick. The spinning starts by clicking on the green arrow button.

Special Symbols

There are symbols on the reels out of which you must get more on the paylines in order to achieve payout. These include special ones, such as the Scatter, which appears in the form of letters. If you manage to spin out all four letters (M, I, N, T), you will be rewarded with 12 free spins.