Empire Fortune

Empire Fortune is a 20-payline game with symbols appearing on 5 reels. The symbols of the game are based on gems, emeralds and rubies. The goal is to collect the same symbols while you have to spin out the same ones on the paylines in order to get payout. When this happens, your winnings will be based on the payout table in the information section.



The number of lines can't be changed, so all 20 of these will always be active. The bet can be set via the Coin Value, using the plus and minus buttons. The total amount that will be deducted from your account in exchange for a single spin can be seen in the Cash Bet section. There is also the option of using the Automatic Mode, where a predetermined number of rotations will take place without your active participation.

Hold Function 

If you spin out two Bonus or Free Spin symbols, these reels will become fixed, getting locked for the next spin. They can get released again by changing the coin value. While in the free rotation mode, the Hold function gives extra free rotations.