Fruit Shop Christmas

Frozen fruit will appear in the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition, which is a 5 reeled slot machine with 15 lines.

Fruit Shop Christmas


There is a circular arrow in the middle which will start the spinning of the reels. Before starting the game, you should set the bet. This happens with the help of 2 buttons: The Level and the Coin value. The first one will determine the number of coins set on a winning line. If we set level 5, then 5 coins will be placed on each line. The Coin value term doesn’t need special introduction. Coin value can be set between 1 cent and 2 dollar.

Automatic and Max bet

The payout lines are fix, all 15 lines are active. You can choose automatic mode where you can set how many spins you want to launch. Max bet will spin the reels, but precaution is recommended as the Bet will be on the highest value, the reels start immediately and the money will be deducted.

Fruit Shop Christmas Payout