Electric SAM

Electric SAM is a 5 reeled slot machine with unique Features. We can play by betting strategies which adjusts the bet. These strategies are built on loosing spins, they always increase the bet according to the strategy. It’s an interesting innovation, which appears more and more in slot machines.

Electric SAM


Setting the bet is very simple, you have to click on the Bet label, and a window will pup-up, where you can set the total bet. Here, a label will indicate that our bet consists of 100 coins, so if we choose a total bet of 2 dollars, then the coin value will be 2 cents. If we didn’t choose the betting strategy, then all you have to do after setting the bet is to start the spin of the reels with the circular arrow on the right side of the game.

Special symbols

There are no payout line sin the game, but only winning modes of which there are 243. It is important that they have to start from the left side reel. The special symbols bring extra features. There are extra wilds, multiplier increasers and exploding symbols.

Electric SAM Betting Strategies