Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest

This is a truly complex game, in which you are able to win if you get the same symbols in the correct order at the end of the spin. There are exactly 576 combinations by which you can win, achieving the contiguous line of the same symbols, starting from the left reel.

Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest_EN1


Accessing the Total Bet label, you are able to easily place your bet, which will then be deducted from your account, in exchange of course for a single spin. Due to the fast pace of the reels and the game, you might suddenly find yourself losing a bit of money, and to avoid this, it's worth to think about your bet beforehand, setting the desired amount using the plus and minus symbols. The game can be started by clicking on Spin.

Wild Symbol

During the game, you have to get the same symbols on the reels in order to win, to get payout. There are also special symbols, which stand out from the rest thanks to their unique properties. One of these is the Wild symbol, which can stand in for all other symbols and create winning combinations this way.

Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest_EN2