Random 2 Wins

Random 2 Wins is a slot machine including two games, where we can activate both of them or we can play with only one. You can choose by clicking on the arrow at Total Bet. Obviously, with two active slots you will have double opportunities to win with double bet!

Random 2 Wins


Before setting the bet we should decide whether we want to play with one or two slots. You can do this at Total Bet, and if you are there you can also set the number of coins. You need minimum 1 for spinning and minimum 10 to activate all payout lines. You have set the bet, all you need to do is to click on the circular arrow on the right and spin the reels.

Automatic and Max bet

In basic game, we start the spin, but you can choose automatic mode with current bet settings and a 100 spins. There is Max bet function which helps us setting the bet. Like the name suggests, it sets the bet on maximum value.

Random 2 Wins Paylines